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Charlie Jewells

Road in Vegas

Our Vegas ordeal and the Grand Canyon

Yep, that’s right, I was in Las Vegas. Funny considering my last post was about my dream vacation. We happen to live in the southwest part of the United States, so Vegas is a quick place to drive through for our yearly trip to the Grand Canyon. Always a relaxing 1-2 day experience for the kids and I.
We usually go a little later in the year when it is not so hot, but having the kids off of school and my crazy thoughts, we decided to make the trip a little earlier. Driving through southern Nevada and seeing the strip from a distance is always a fun part of the drive.

Getting locked out of the car

While in Las Vegas, we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break and fuel. The problem is we left everything inside the car, including the keys!
I don’t normally like blaming someone specific, but it was undoubtedly the hubby’s fault. An understandable accident.
My first thoughts were that now the trip will be delayed another few hours in Las Vegas, and we will end up spending an extra $100 or so. I immediately searched for a locksmith and had them come over to open the lock. To my surprise, the lock was opened in 20 minutes or so and we were back on the road. Like clockwork, twenty minutes later we stopped again, this time to a flat tire! I couldn’t believe it to be honest, like out of a movie. Just my luck, we weren’t carrying a spare. Another 45-minute delay by the end of it. Not so bad overall, but still really unfortunate circumstances.


We arrive at around 7 pm and stay at families in a city just under an hours drive from the canyon. This usually works out best as we are always tired from the long drive, and having good rest is key to enjoy the scenery. We catch up with his relatives and got into bed a little earlier than normal.

Picture of the day
Next day we wake up, eat breakfast, and head out. The place is incredible. We climbed and down and had a picnic about midway through. Characteristically, some of the kids get tired earlier in the day and find the trip boring. They will appreciate the experiences later in life, at least I hope. Also forgot to mention that we left the two smallest children in the city with his family. Much easier on them and us in case anyone is wondering. By 3 pm all of us are ready to head back. We stay one more night at our acquaintances and leave in the morning.

I am typing this the day after we arrived home. Overall, we all had a good time, and I am sure we will be back next year. It is always a convenient way of getting out of the house and seeing his relatives. Kills two birds with one stone would be a better way of putting it.

Plans for the rest of summer

With the kids going back to school at the end of August, we still have quite a bit of time before they are gone for six hours in the day. I can’t say I am excited more than I am exhausted. Love the kids, but as any parent knows, keeping them entertained can be quite the task.
I plan to attend an activist event in 1 weeks time and keep the blog updated with my experiences there. It is something I am really passionate about and hope to make a focal part of my life. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Venice Italy

My Dream Vacation

One of the main reason I began writing on this public journal or “blog” was to…well…relieve stress? I think.

I am not sure I would call myself stressed out, but I just felt the need to be able to express my thoughts on a new platform. Both the husband and kids are wonderful support systems but like anybody, I need my away time.

Browsing the world wide web I found this video.


Ever since I have been rethinking my life. Should I be experiencing more things that I wanted to do in my life? Getting married early in life to my husband and having a family was easily the best thing to ever occur to me. But I have to wonder, what did I miss out on? Seeing the landscapes and amazing views in the video almost made burst into tears. Knowing that–most likely– I would never get to experience even ten percent of it.

It is almost like my life has fell perfectly into the slot of the depressed housewife in a movie drama. Only with no depression or alcohol abuse of course. These last few years have made me really sympathize with that perspective immensely. Fighting internally on whether my thoughts are selfish or not selfish enough.

Luckily our family is relatively financially stable, and we do get vacation time. But that usually entails Disneyland or another relatively close destination. I want to go far, very far. To places like Venice, Thailand, and the Caribbean. Somewhere with no worrying, no stress, no responsibilities.

The husband seems to relieve his problems through video games (ridiculous I know) and television. I wish it was that simple for me, but I guess I really am high maintenance. I want something more, something different to look back on for the rest of my adult life.

I started thinking, if I do this I don’t want it to be a once every 3 years kind of thing. I want to experience the world around 2 times a year. At the same time I realize that this is expensive and will add up quickly for my hardworking spouse. So I began looking in to videos that had a cheap alternative like this one.

It really is amazing how diverse and beautiful the different parts of the United States are. Sure nothing really beats the experience of going all the way across the Atlantic, but if I can do this more often than it is worth it. Hawaii and the national parks are really the places that intrigue me the most. The pictures shown of the different landscapes and oceans really make you feel like you are in a different place. And I guess you really are in a way considering the United States is so big and the borders are just arbitrary lines. But still, experiences like this would be more than enough to satisfy my wants.

The last time I left the country was for my honeymoon that feels like a long time ago. So maybe sprinkling in a few across the border trips wouldn’t hurt.